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Choose one of our delicious cookie or brownie Bake Boxes (this may be a tough choice). 

Go to checkout and pay securely using PayPal.  

At the checkout, put in details of postal address and the message you want to give the recipient. Leave the delivery to us. If the address is local - then Bake Box will be personally delivered to the door. If the address is a little further away, we will post using AusPost.  All orders in by midnight Monday (Western Australian time) will be delivered/posted Tuesday. All orders in by midnight Thursday (Western Australian time) will be delivered/posted Friday.


If a Bake Date has been purchased - 2x Bake Boxes. We will deliver to both addresses provided by you. 


When your Bake Box arrives, it's time to get baking. All portions have been perfectly weighed and packaged for you, it's as simple as following our hassle free recipe card and putting it all together! 


For those of you having a Bake Date - when the Bake Boxes arrive, it's time to jump onto FaceTime and bake as if your'e in the same kitchen; laugh, chat, bake and devour delicious cookies together. It's perfect for friends/ family and loved ones who live far away. 

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